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Lisa Marie Boissonneau



Originally from Moncton, New Brunswick, Lisa Marie Boissonneau lives and works in Saint-Alexis-des-Monts in the Mauricie region of Quebec. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts with a specialization in drawing, painting, and sculpture from Concordia University.

This series of paintings emerges from meticulous introspection spanning over four years, exploring the nuanced concept of identity and its innumerable implications. At the center of this artistic approach is a crucial question: what truly defines our essence? How do the echoes of our past sculpt our current essence and guide our destiny?

Armed with a rich collection of vintage family photographs, I delved into the heart of ancestral tales, immersing myself in stories that awakened deep introspection of my roots and the heritage passed down.

In essence, this exploration presents itself as a meditation on individual identity, the crucial importance of family heritage, and its tangible impact on our daily reality. This series of paintings evokes memory, delves into visual archives, and raises profound questions related to identity.

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